Remote Password Stealer

Remote Password Stealer
Version 2.7

Last Update: January, 5 2012

What's Remote Password Stealer What is Remote Password Stealer?
Remote Password Stealer is a special tool to track all the password-input events in the Windows system, and generate report-file for you. It can be used to......
  • Find password that you have forgotten. Once you forget the password that you have inputted before, you can find a copy in Remote Password Stealer.
  • Steal a password from a machine. Remote Password Stealer is also an awesome password stealer to steal AOL password, Yahoo password, AIM password, MSN password, Email password, FTP password, ICQ password, Messenger password, password in Windows XP User Account Manager, dial-up connection password etc., and send the passwords to your e-mail address. It's the easiest way to know your Children's/Employees' passwords and what they did on the computer, even when you are travelling on another side of the Earth!
  • Log every key-press in Internet Explorer and Windows XP User Account Manager, so you can extract the passwords, chat-contents, email contents and everything that you are interested in.
Send password to email How to use Remote Password Stealer?
Just run the program, enter an e-mail address that you like the log-file to be sent to (or leave it blank if you do not want to send out the passwords), hit the hide-button, and then the program will run in background.
  • It will auto run every time you start Windows and auto hide itself, and also it will auto record (and send out) the passwords.
  • Use hotkey Alt+Ctrl+8 to display the option window when you need.
  • To uninstall the program, click Uninstall button in the option window.
The Best Password Stealer What are the advantages?
Remote Password Stealer is a portable, effective and easy to install password monitoring tool. Once you start using this awesome tool, with no more computer skills, you will become an awesome hacker immediately!
  • The world's easiest to use password stealer! Nearly zero-setup, you will know how to use it just after you see the screen shot.
  • The world's smallest password stealer! It's only 116K! You can save it into a floppy disk easily. You can download it in 30 seconds by a 28.8kbps modem.
  • We provide a permanent download link for every user, so you can download it anytime and anywhere you want.
  • Auto-Stealth mode, first time run the program, it will display the setup window. After that, it will run in hidden mode.
  • Effective and never slowdown in target system.
  • Supports static IP address, dynamic IP address and enhance Internet connections using dial-up modems, cable modems, DSL and LANs.
  • Can be installed in multi-computers.
  • Can be performed "Remote Uninstall" when needed (optional).
Special Password Stealer About the Custom Built Remote Password Stealer.
We provide custom-built edition for particular users who need a special password stealer. Custom-built edition has many advanced features, including
  • Preconfigure the email address that you like the log-file to be sent to.
  • Complete Stealth-Mode, no prompt window.
  • Disguise itself as another application. For example, after click it, the Windows game "mine sweeping" will be run, or it will show a greeting card; and in fact the program was secretly loaded and monitoring the system.
  • Change the default program-icon. For example change the icon to "mine sweeping".
  • Self-Destructing feature (Remote Uninstall) (optional).
  • Please fill in after payment (for Custom Built Edition only)
    Order ID Your Email
    The Disguised-Application and the Icon


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